Japan's Largest Cypress Tree, Shiiba

In the heart of the mountains, 700 meters above sea level lies the settlement of Okubo. It is home to Japan's largest cypress tree, which is estimated to be 800 years old. The trunk has a circumference of 9.3 meters and the tree is 32 meters high, 32 meters wide from east to west, and 30 meters wide from north to south. The towering tree has countless branches twisted around its red trunk, evoking the image of a flame. It is said that the cypress was used as a grave marker for the ancestors who settled and developed the village, especially women, because of its gentle nature. With its impressive branches, it almost seems like it could suddenly start moving at any time. You will find yourself moved by the sheer size of the soothing cypress tree. A promenade has been installed on the sloped surroundings for visitors, allowing you to view this truly amazing tree from different angles and heights.

Address: Okubo, Shiiba, Higashiusuki, Miyazaki Prefecture

Airport: Miyazaki Airport

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