Omi Shrine, Hyuga

Omi Shrine is an ancient shrine celebrating the goddess Amaterasu, and it is known as "The Ise Shrine of Hyuga." It looks out over the picturesque ocean from the cliff of pillar rocks on which it is built. There is also a shrine located in a cave inside the grounds, and if you look out from the inside, the entrance rock has a crack that appears to be in the shape of a rising dragon. Additionally, at Omi Shrine there is a shrine center which is a huge boulder made of conglomerate rock, measuring 30 meters in circumference and 4 m in height. It features a round, bowl-shaped hole with spiraling lines carved into its walls, with an egg-shaped stone inside it (which is 1 m long and 0.7 meters across). It is clearly man-made, and it is thought that the lines in the bowl-shaped depression represent a dragon, and the stone represents a dragon egg (also known as a dragon ball). The ancient ruins are considered to be a place with a strong mystical energy.

Address: 1 Hichiya, Hyuga, Miyazaki Prefecture

Airport: Miyazaki Airport


30 minutes by car from Hyuga IC on the Higashikyushu Expressway

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