Yumura Hot Springs

A Thousand Years of Hot Springs
The Yumura hot springs have been attracting people for over a thousand years. What distinguishes these hot springs is the unusually high temperature of the water of 98°C. Not only are the hot springs great for soaking and relaxing in, they are also great for cooking. Visitors can boil eggs (onsen tamago), corn and sweet potatoes! This tradition has been handed down over generations where the townsfolk used to use the hot springs for most of their daily cooking needs. The area is also famous for being the setting of a popular television drama, and hosts a museum displaying props from the show. One of the annual highlights is the Yumura Hot Spring Festival which is held on the first Sunday in June. The whole town comes together to compete in a 100-meter tug-of-war.

How to get there

By public transportation
From JR Hamasaka Station, take the Zentan Bus for 25 minutes to the Yumura Onsen Bus Stop

Address: Yu, Shinonsen Town, Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture

Airport: Tajima Airport

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